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How to remove the ring wire from your master socket

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This tutorial will show you how to remove the ring wire from your master socket

If you have a telephone extension in your home, that you are using for your router to plug into, and you have a BT NTE5 Master socket with a removable bottom half, by removing your ring wire, you could possibly improve / gain on your broadband speeds from your connection.

Sometimes this ring wire could cause unnecessay interference to your attenuation and give you slightly slower broadband speeds.

The ring wire is only used for the older type of telephones, and as per its name, was used for providing the signal to make your phone ring.

Removing the ring wire is a very simple task to do and is a cheaper alternative, (with sometimes the same results) then purchasing an ADSL Faceplate and subsequently fitting that. Click to read our review of ADSL Faceplates.

How to remove the ring wire from your master socket

  1. Locate your master socket
  2. Remove the 2 screws marked A and B
  3. Gently pull the bottom half of the faceplate away from the master socket back box

master socket

Determining which wire is the ring wire

If you look at the image below, in our example we have 3 wires connected. Blue / White, White / Blue, Orange / White

  1. Blue / White is connected to pin 5 of the bottom section of the faceplate
  2. White / Blue is connected to pin 2 of the bottom section of the faceplate
  3. Orange / White is connected to pin 3 of the bottom section of the faceplate - This is the ring wire

faceplate removed showing ring wire

Ring wire removed

As you can see from our image, we have now removed the Orange / White ring wire. You could either gently pull this out, or cut with a pair of wire cutters. Be careful not to damage or pull the other 2 wires as this would stop your phones from working at the extension socket.

face plate removed

Now, just put the faceplate back into the master socket, and screw it back together.

Log into your router to see if the stats have improved, to do this read our how to get your Sky Router Stats help page.

For further help with your telephone wiring, please visit our Cabling and faceplate help forums.

Tutorial pictures taken from stock kindly loaned by Run-IT-Direct

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