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SkyUser ADSL Line & Broadband Availability Checker

Are you looking for a new ISP? Do you need to know if LLU is available at your Telephone Exchange? Try the SkyUser ADSL Line & Broadband Availability Checker, to check what ISP and technology is available to you.

Find out what speed the BT database estimates your line would be capable of. Our checker shows you what options for DSL, Cable and Wireless products, are available for you at your home or office.

Please enter both your telephone number and postcode so that we can provide you with the most accurate results.

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Selecting any of the options to the left will add further information to the line speed estimation and RAG test information sections of the results page.

The Services option is only applicable if your in a Cable enabled area.
Please Note

All of the data that this test provides, is obtained from SamKnows and could take a few seconds to collect and then present on screen for you. We do not record, or store any of the actual information inputted on this ADSL Broadband Availability Checker.