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IP and Website Ping Tool

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image SkyUser IP and Website Ping Tool

A handy tool to help you determine your ping against an IP or a Website address, absolutely FOC for our members and guests to download and use



Tonight we launch our SkyUser IP / Website Ping Tool, a handy tool for pinging a destination to help check any network or latency issues.

This tool is completely free of charge for our guests and our members, and was coded for us by UseLess.

Now, if anyone is asked to provide a ping for analysis on our forums, (or any other forum) there's no need to open a DOS box, and do it the old fashioned way.

To capture the results, just click on the copy / paste button and then paste them into your forum post / thread.

How to use:

1) Download the SkyUser IP / Website Ping Tool

2) Enter an IP or a website address, ie skyuser.co.uk or

3) Click the Ping Host option

4) Wait for it to finish then click Copy Results To Clipboard

5) Paste the results into your forum thread / post

6) Close the Pinger


Discuss this Ping Tool in our forums.

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