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New Beta Project - SkyUser Bandwidth Meter

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image The new SkyUser Bandwidth Meter - Open Beta

Help us build our brand new free to use Bandwidth Meter, now you can measure your usage on any Sky Broadband (or other ISP) package

As you all know, Sky Base, Sky Mid and Sky Connect come with monthly usage limits, and currently Sky have no means of providing their customers with a method of monitoring their own usage.

You can now keep an eye on your broadband usage with the SkyUser Broadband Usage Bandwidth Meter, which can be downloaded from here. SkyUser Broadband Bandwidth Meter

In conjunction with Janusz from Broadband Speed Checker and also Bandwidth Meter we are developing a Bandwidth Measuring Tool to be downloaded absolutely free of charge by our members and visitors.

The SkyUser Beta testers have already been using this and so far Janusz and Daniel have ironed out a fair few bugs, but now we need to find more! This is where we are now offering this as an open beta.

There are going to be two different versions of this software, both capable of limited or extended uses. One version will be branded 'Made for SkyUser' or similar with our logo in, the other version will be for Janusz's website use for his guests.

There are two modes of this software.

Basic: This will allow users to measure their Bandwidth for their ISP's caps (if applicable)

Advanced: This would need your postcode being keyed into the software, and then would record the following:

  • How much was downloaded/uploaded
  • At what speed and time
  • The name of PC (so you can recognize multiple PCs at home)
  • Your IP

If you choose to not put a postcode in, NO data would be recorded apart from within the application showing you your stats for uploads and downloads. You would not be able to use the 'Full Bandwidth Stats' feature in this case.

In either scenario, this software is not capable of recording any other things like website visits etc and we would like to reassure you that none of the above data would be sold or used in any other way. This is purely obtained to give you more advanced statistics, and is of course, entirely optional.

An example of stats so far recorded is here.

We would like to take this opportunity to ask our members to become a part of the testing team, and ask that you report any errors that you may find with this software, in this thread.

Beta software is exactly that, it is being tested and your feedback on issues is needed, even if a minor issue, if you could list them, that would be great.

We may ask you to uninstall the current version and reinstall a newer version, until such time that the auto-updater works completely, although to the best of my knowledge, this is already sorted.

At any time if you need any help, please ask any of us and we will attempt to help you out.

Here is the link for the current version. Please download and install at your convenience and happy testing. Please note, if you have already got a build of this, please uninstall and redownload from the link below.

Download the SkyUser Broadband Bandwidth Meter

For any issues, please ask for help in our SkyUser Bandwidth Meter forums.

Try the SkyUser Bandwidth Meter Visit our forums Test your broadband speed
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