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Sagem F@ST 2504 Solid as a Rock

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image Sagem F@ST 2504

Well after 48 hours of use on the Netgear V2 router, I am happy to report that it is 100% rock solid in my testing.

I have just connected the Sagem F@ST 2504 router and will have a play with the GUI hopefully this evening.

Again this router has the same login details username admin password sky

Once logged into the Sagem F@ST 2504 router, the GUI is nearly identical to the Netgear V2 minus the typos that are apparent in the Netgear GUI.

Initially, the first thing I have spotted is the Wireless set-up menu. This is slightly different to the Netgear in respect of a few more options in the drop down list.

Secondly, the FW revision appears to be numbered completely different, obviously as a different supplier has written it. Firmware Version - 1.5Sky

Also, the Wireless Access list is slightly different as well.

Sorry to report however, on Auto and 54g performance (the defaults) the wireless reception on my laptop, which is in exactly the same place, (the kitchen table) reports a poor reception. I will have a play with the settings over the next few days.

To set-up the Wireless Access list is on first impressions, not as easy to use as the Netgear. In the Netgear it is just a case of enabling and then selecting the MAC of the PC that you wish to allow, whereas on the Sagem F@ST 2504, you have to type it in.

Sync speed up and down has certainly changed, and lower than the Netgear V2, although it is a very cold night and I appreciate that this could contribute to that. My attenuation has however dropped from 46 / 47 to 45.5 db

My initial impressions, are that the Netgear is easily more user friendly in respect of advanced wireless setup, especially for a newbie to broadband.

Watch this space.

Update: Changing the Wireless from auto to Channel 11 - my laptop now reports an excellent signal, which I have never before achieved on either the Netgear V1 or V2.
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