Hi All
I'm posting this on behalf of a non-techy friend.

I was helping them setup a homeplug link to a garage, using TpLink devices and 'converting' a sky q hub to be a remote wifi access point.

Couple of things came up which have me stumped.

1) The sr203 router seems to be transmitting 4 wifi signals (2 per band) on different 2/5 channels under the same SSID, one pair show as using wpa-psk, the others using wpa. The MAC addresses of the WPA channels match the string of the router mac (except last two characters) whereas the WEP channels seem to be a 'bskyb' string.
Looking at the router menus and docs, I cant see any reference to this feature, the wep key setting etc, be it guest wifi or some sort of sky shared wifi setup like BT offers.
Has anyone seen this and any advice on how to disable or configure. It worries me that as the wep protocol is so weak, could be a security issue.

2) I setup the old sky q hub with a static IP outside of the sr203 DHCP scope and a SSID -'Garage...'. Worked fine over the homeplugs, then the strangest thing happened, the SR203 wifi SSID 'updated' and became the Garage SSID. I factory reset it and minutes later it did the same again. Gave up and changed the garage device to be the same as the house.
I've never seen this happen before, dont know how a device could make such 'admin' changes to another. Does sky run some sort of internal meshing/arp/mac recognition feature that automatically synchs SSIDs? if so then it should be master (sr203) to slave (hub)

Anyway, a 10 minute job turned into 4 hours debugging this and I'd just like some input if the above have been seen before to reassure them