I've had Sky Broadband (8Mbps) for a few weeks now and the speeds for me have been consistently poor. I am connected wirelessly using a Linksys Compact Wireless-G USB Adaptor.

Running speed tests show my upload to be fairly normal, yet my download speed is always between 0.3Mbps - 0.6Mbps. My download speed is never consistently above 60kb/s (irrespective of the protocol - be it http, usenet etc). I ran the SG TCP Optimizer as recommended in a sticky, but it made no difference.

I have 3 housemates, one of whom is connected wirelessly, who gets the full speed, one of whom is connected wired who also gets full speed, and another connected wirelessly who has the same issue as me. Currently I am the only person connected to the network and I have the same speed issues.

I also have a strange issue with regard to wired connection which I've been trying to solve with Saturday in another sub-forum. I'm able to ping websites, but can't actually visit the site itself (I also can't perform a tracert, it just times out).

Does anyone have any suggestions for any of these issues?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.