Over the last few weeks we have seen many frustrated people, posting on here, calling Sky Staff, idiots or worse.

I would just like to reiterate, that as a website, we will not allow this type of behaviour.

No matter what you think of any person that uses this website, or any member of Sky's staff, it does not give you the right to post on here in anyway that could be construed as offensive or rude.

If you wish to insult or call any of our members, or Sky Staff members, then I suggest that you send myself or any of the other moderators a PM confirming that you no longer wish to remain a member of SkyUser so that we can then delete your memebrship, before we ban your forum account.

We are a help forum, for Sky customers, mostly made up of Sky Customers, and most definitely, not a dumping ground for unhappy customers. You are free to write about bad experiences, but not to call people names.

Ask yourself, if someone called you an idiot, a monkey, or a *****, would you be offended?

If so then don't even think about posting it on here.

There will be no more warnings, if anyone breaks this rule, your account will be banned, immediately.