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I have also transferred from F2S but unlike a lot of people was told that I couldn't use a MAC code to transfer the service because of the LLU system. OK so I had to get F2S to fully disconnect me from their service, a bit of a joke since both F2S and Sky use Easynet! Anyway I was given a disconnection date which they missed by 3 WEEKS; not surprisingly I had to chase them all the way and I only managed to get the service disconnected when I threatened them with breach of contract and the small claims court. F2S should be ashamed of criticising other ISPs when their customer service has been truly attrocious since Pipex took over - anyone that has to use Hasslehoff as their public face has got to be in trouble!!
I forsee a very big fall from grace for F2S...

This happened to me. By the time I was disconnected and the LLU loop taken off my line Sky claimed that Min Mid Max range was not available in my area despite having 2 emails and a letter inviting us to it and us trying to order 5 times already. I then pointed out that I in fact knew the Easynet LLU was available in my area they did admit it but were not taking any more customers in my area despite there being a recruitment drive in the Supermarket less than a minute from my house. And they still charged me the activation charge when I reluctantly agreed to go with "connect" as a temporary solution.