We have today carried out an upgrade on the home page CMS, which includes the following fixes:

Updates & fixes
Several small bug fixes have been incorporated into version 2.4.3. They include, but are not limited to the following:

* Added SSL support!
* Integration with PHPBB3 RC4. Note, since this product is not officially released... our integration with this product is still in BETA.
* Refresh captcha images by clicking the image.
* An option to turn on/off register globals compatibility. This option will make your installation more secure, but may break some plugins.
* VVC support is now available in all plugins.
* Fixed issues with VB... you no longer need remember me to be checked. (Thanks to xhunter for his help!)
* Fixed issues in articles that if only a short description is used, text may overlap an image.
* Fixed miscellaneous system log warnings.
* Fixed the ability to clone the contact plugin.
* Fixed thumbnail issues in the image gallery.
* Administrative enhancements to image gallery.
* Fixed error in image gallery that created numerous errors in the system log related to set_time_limit()
* Fixed extended elements usage with WYSIWYG (tiny_mce)
* Fixed phpbb2 sql errors where SD could not always find the config table
* Fixed an issue where our mysql layer has an issue with BLOB columns in certain situations.
* Fixed some skinning issues with IPB 2.3.1
* Added Portuguese / Brazilian language support (Thanks ChrisChristian)
* and more!

Those who were accessing the homepage and getting the MYSQL errors, this was the reason why. Should all be working OK now.