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    Watch Out - Talk Talk are about

    This is a discussion on Watch Out - Talk Talk are about within the Website news forums, part of the SkyUser Announcements category; Originally Posted by Chug a Bug Doesn't surprise me in the slightest. This is common practise with CPS services but ...

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      Re: Watch Out - Talk Talk are about

      Quote Originally Posted by Chug a Bug View Post
      Doesn't surprise me in the slightest. This is common practise with CPS services but it's the first time I've heard of it with BB. Once you sign up to someone else's line they can block you from using cheap overseas call providers for instance and Carrier Pre Select services - and it's perfectly legal. Why? Because they're not making any money out of you - they want you to use their (premium) services instead. Bulldog used to do this.

      Thats why I keep a BT line - it may cost slightly more per month but BT are forbidden from blocking you from using any other services on their line (they're also quicker to sort out problems on your line.) Other companies are not tied in this way.
      You can still route calls via BT using 1280 before any number over riding anything your chosen CPS provider put in place. However I'm not sure how this would work where line rental is with another company.

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      Re: Watch Out - Talk Talk are about

      Aye oop (Thats Yorkshire for hi)

      First let me thank NewsreadeR for sorting out my account. Dunno what happened to it but I couldn't log in. Anyway tis sorted now, thanks NewsreadeR.

      Okay a bit more on this talk talk thingy. I have recently been browbeaten by a door to door salesman to move my line, lock stock and barrel over to Talk Talk. The guy siad that They would guarantee that my next bill with them would be lower than it was with BT or they would give me a 1000. The guy also assured me, and I did make the point several times, that moving to them would NOT affect my Sky broadband. I have tried to log on to the Talk Talk web site using my telephone number and my email address that I supplied to them but so far have not succeeded in getting into my account. Talk Talk have taken everything over including the line rental. So my question is:- Is this going to affect my Sky broadband?

      The other little non related problem that I have is now that my Sky broadband is on and working (very few glitches so far) my Sky telly box has packed up. I think it's more likely to be the dish that has been knocked out of alignment by the kids clobbering it with a football and I'm pretty confident I can get it back. My second question is:- If I cant sort out my telly and decide to cancel my Sky satellite account what happens to my 10 a month broadband?

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      Re: Watch Out - Talk Talk are about

      You have to be a Sky TV subscriber to get Sky Broadband, hope that answers your question.
      ~ Never, ever, argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience ~

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      Re: Watch Out - Talk Talk are about

      I thought your phone line had to be BT as well??

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      Re: Watch Out - Talk Talk are about

      No you have to have a BT phone line, who you are with for your phone services is up to you.

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      Re: Watch Out - Talk Talk are about

      to pete.i, if talktalk now own the line sky bb won't work....this is causing all sorts of grief as loads of people who previously only had the call plan with talktalk are now finding their bb not working from us as the line has switched without telling anyone!!

      had one customer tell me he had a talktalk router turn up after 6 months of great connection with sky - so id defo stay clear. even if it costs u a little more it's nothing but trouble

      EDIT: and your line rental has to be paid to BT direct for sky bb to work


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