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    Apple 2TB Time Capsule - Sky DG934G Router

    This is a discussion on Apple 2TB Time Capsule - Sky DG934G Router within the Technical discussion forums, part of the Broadband Technical Help category; Hi there, I'm trying to set this up for a home network. I've got a Macbook, an iMac G4, an ...

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      Apple 2TB Time Capsule - Sky DG934G Router

      Hi there,

      I'm trying to set this up for a home network.
      I've got a Macbook, an iMac G4, an iPhone 3GS & Dell laptop running Windows 7.

      Ideally I'd like to have the Netgear running to provide only Internet access, with DHCP and Wireless turned off and the Time Capsule providing all the DHPC for the clients etc.

      I'd also like to setup the TC so that I can access it externally allowing me access to it over the MobileMe function.

      Problem is that at the mo, I can only get it working if I set the TC up in Bridge mode, but this means I can't access it remotely or setup the Guest network.

      I also have the issue with the G4 (Airport) that it will not authenticate to anything other than WEP. So direct connection to the TC wireless (WPA2 only) won't work.

      After a LOT of messing about I think I might be able to get this running how I want, and I'm wondering if anyone else has got this setup up and running fully?

      Here are my ideas:

      (1) Netgear to access the internet only. - IP
      (2) Turn off all DHCP
      (3) Turn off all wireless encryption, instead limiting access to specified MAC addresses only. This gets round the problem of the G4 iMac not being able to authenticate through the Time Capsule.

      This is where it gets a little sketchy...

      (4) Using ethernet plug the TC directly into the back of the Netgear.
      (5) Setup a new wireless network on the TC - "TimeCapsuleWireless"
      (6) Setup the TC as the DHCP server, specifying the (Netgear) as the Defauilt Gateway.
      (7) Use 10.0.01 - 254 as the TC DHCP range. (not sure if that's going to work)
      (8) Seup the Macbook, iPhone and Windows 7 machines to use this wireless network and DHCP scope.
      This should allow everything to root through the TC and then out to the internet from the Netgear. The Macbook can use the TC for access to the Time Machine function and the TC for normal NAS storage. I'm not bothered if the Win7 machine can access the TC for NAS, as it's only for surfing the net anyway.
      (9) The iMac G4 uses the Netgear as specified earlier. I'm also like the G4 to be able to access files on the TC.

      So far so good, I think.

      The next step would be to setup the remote access to the Netgear router and the Time Capsule.

      I've managed to setup IP specific access to the Netgear router to use DYNDNS for remote admin and it works ok.

      I'm getting stuck with allowing the TC to contact the outside world directly (port forwarding?) through the Netgear. Or more specifically, how do I gain access to the TC from outside?

      As I said, I can have it all working if I set the TC up in Bridge mode but then I lose the ability to have a Guest Network or access to the TC through MobileMe.

      Anyone got this working fully, or able to point out any glaring errors / quick fixes in the above?

      Hope this makes some sense, and thanks in advance for any help.


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      Re: Apple 2TB Time Capsule - Sky DG934G Router

      Hi there,
      thanks for all the replies.

      I was working on this over the weekend and finally got it all running.
      I could get parts working but not everything until I made the following changes.

      So if anyone is looking for info on how to connect a Sky DG934G router to Apples Time Capsule, here's what I did.

      Setup The Sky router as per normal (out the box config)
      Plug the TC directly into the Sky router
      It got the IP of
      The TC is not setup in bridge more
      Enabled DMZ on the Sky Router to point to as Strung suggested above.

      Made all clients connect to the TC and get their IP from it's DHCP. They should be something like 10.0.1.X etc
      The clients should now be able to connect to the internet
      That's the 1st stage over.

      Next was the iMac setup - this was slightly more problematic as the iMac G4 will not use WPA\2 authentication as it's using the original Airport card. This is where I was running into the most problems.
      I played about with having this machine connect directly to the Sky router , then using a guest network account to access back to the Time Capsule. It worked but it was clunky and kept dropping out.
      So what I did instead was to use a spare Airport Express that I had lying about. Set this up to connect to the TC network wirelessly and plugged the iMac into it using an ethernet. That way I can let the Airport Express deal with the authentication and the iMac just plugs in as if it's connected locally to the router.
      Now I have all the clients on the TC network, including the iMac, the Macbook and the iPhone. Good Times!

      Using this setup the iMac and the Macbook are able to access the Time Capsule, the Macbook can use the Time Machine backup and file transfer speeds between all the machines are much better.

      Lastly is the external access.
      This was still causing me some problems till this morning. I finally found an this link How-To: Access Your Time Capsule Over the Internet telling me how to open port 548 on my router. This allows full access to my TC remotely using the static IP of the Sky Router.
      One final thing, I setup a DYNDNS account and used that address to access my TC ( you can set the details to do this directly on the TC). This means I just have to remember the web address, rather than the staic IP number.

      That's it.
      Thanks to Strung for the DMZ pointer, hope this helps others.

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      Re: Apple 2TB Time Capsule - Sky DG934G Router

      Glad you are fixed up. You will have gathered that there are not too many Mac users frequenting the forum. One thing I will point out which is generic, is that you should go into the router settings and add your TC to the Reserved address list. If you don't and the router drops out for any reason, it could change the IP address and your setup will be goosed.


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