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    Recovering a severly bricked DG834GT / Adding a serial port

    This is a discussion on Recovering a severly bricked DG834GT / Adding a serial port within the Technical discussion forums, part of the Broadband Technical Help category; Just watch that one turn up and be a Virgin DG834 too It says its AOL, I don't know if ...

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      Re: Recovering a severly bricked DG834GT / Adding a serial port

      Just watch that one turn up and be a Virgin DG834 too
      It says its AOL, I don't know if they are as hackproof as the Virgin one. Our James67 could probably 'do them'


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      Re: Recovering a severly bricked DG834GT / Adding a serial port

      Great post! Really handy, although heres one that you might be able to help figure out

      I think there may be some hardware damage to my unit, 15 network devices internally and god knows how many conntracks have abused the poor thing for about 6 years now and its never had a break including an excessive and aggressive uTorrent user which its had to drop packets in the millions for!!!

      I noticed it got stuck in recovery mode, and trying to get it working with the recovery tool was fun, but it has always had that problem, on and off, of course using windows vista aswell, now you may think thats a school-boy error

      I triple checked that compatibility mode was set to XP SP2, usually it would have gone fine, although it came up with a BSOD as would be expected if compatibility mode was off!?!?

      Just as it had finished erasing the EEPROM, greaaattt! just what I needed!

      Say hello to the four finger salute netgears give out in LAN light LED!

      Now, I've tried making a circuit as per your diagram, however it just hasnt worked, theres been a connection there, which will sit there, no matter what you do, you wont get an output from the serial port... I was thinking okay, so maybe its my circuit or the serial port on the XP machine, or as I first suspected, CFE is corrupt.

      So I thought, okay, perhaps this might be a capacitor problem (they are TEAPO), replaced all caps, and the symptoms remain.

      Some head scratching later, decided its definately going to be the CFE corrupt, and was considering making an unbuffered JTAG circuit too.

      turned out it was easier and cheaper to buy the TIAO parallel port universal adapter and using TJTAG which has support for the BCM chipset.

      its unable to identify the CPU or complete a connection on a BUFFERED connection by the pin layout on:

      I dont have the exact output of the TJTAG attempt, but it said pin 3 was low.... the others were fine? pin 3 on the parallel port? pin 3 on the TTL? pin 3 on the JTAG adapter..... which!? LOL

      the only symptoms on the router I'm getting is (stuck in recovery mode with all LAN lights lit) ---- and the BCM5325EKQMG gets excessively hot and doesnt give a packet to any of the eth ports (using wireshark).

      Before it was bricked it had DGTeam firmware on it, but I doubt that its relevant, it was working fine for years...

      Any ideas where to poke at it next? or should I resort to the fact it is now just another paperweight to add to my network graveyard, perhaps I could use them all as a small disco display with the LEDs or as hand warmers for winter?



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