im currently on aol, and its really requested the mac code a few days ago, have a few q's bout sky bb

i live just outside tamworth in the midlands and according to sky's availability connection i can recieve up to 8 meg speed through there connect package, i understand through looking through these forums that most people do not get was they expect because sky clearly state "up to 8meg" etc. I am roughly about 600 metres away from the local phone exchange but living in a fairly rural area, technical services arent that beneficial to me and my neigbours.

Does sky's support of mac code migration work well, and what is the average time most people have waited for netgear router to arrive?

I am looking to hook an xbox 360, my two current pc's and an occasional session of games on my psp to the net, does the router support such things to an acceptable standard and is the 40 gb limit enough for frequent use of the above equipment (do sky charge extra when the download limit is broke)?

Is the sky connect service worth the money considering that i am only applicable to that package?

Although desperate to change ISP and through much research i have found that in some cases using such things as an xbox 360 breaks the 40gb d/l limit per month, has anyone experienced problems when using such equipment as obviously i do not want to sign my self into a 12 month provider with a terrible provider

cheers for your help in advance people, hopefully your experience will help me make my mind up so i cant start accessing the net at reasonably good speeds on a number of different electrical units

any tips and advice about the connect package is welcome and needed ...