I have been have major problems getting a connection and no-one seems to be able to narrow it down to either exchange, router or just the line.

My stats: Base package
Connection speed 64 kbps Dwn 416 kbps Up
Attenuation 63.5 Dwn 31.5 Up
Noise 8.3 Dwn 14 Up
Using BT test socket, no extensions
I have two Sky Netgear routers (first one suspected faulty)

I changed onto the Base package from the Mid after no/limited connectivity, my line dropped out completely about 30mins after calling Sky. I thought I would plug in the first router I was sent after the second one stopped searching for a connection, miracluously it connected - go figure? But now my Upstream has gone up from 128 kbps and my downstream noise margin has come from 18.2. I am about 1.5km from the exchange. My neighbours are with BT and getting a solid 2.2mg but that's limited to their package. I'm going to buy a new BT test socket and rewire from the junction box. Can I get a router from PC World that will work on the Sky system? My line has been capped at 500kpbs as it's not stable any higher, I requested that the Sky equipment at the exchange was replaced but no can confirm if this will/can be done. My connection date was September, I've put too much effort into this to cancel and start all over again with another provider. The Sky tech start are very pleasant but can't seem to help me out.
Any of you techie genuis's got suggestions?