Hi everyone. Just wanted to post my recent experiences re improving my broadband speeds.

I am on Sky Fibre (40/10 package). I live in London, SW6. My house had a star wired system. Sky Hub (SR102) had reported Line Attentuation of 22db and a Noise Margin of around 12-13db.

I wanted to see what I could do to improve these stats, so I searched around and called a private engineer to come and take a look at my system (Tony from commsmaster.com).

He came around and did a few things:
1. Removed 6 capacitors from the phone sockets on the house
2. Changed the star wired system so that the line went straight to the new master socket and then back down to the star hub. This way the router was the first socket in the house
3. Removed some old PCB daisy chain thing in our basement (I think he called it an NT something or other)

The results were impressive.

1. Line Attenuation reduced from 22db to 14db
2. Noise margin increased from 12-13db to 22.6db

I expect this will translate to materially improved speed and latency as DLM kicks in.

Anyway, I hope this is interesting for anyone considering the same or in similar circumstances.