There is still some dodgy internal wiring issue in my house, if I reconnect the router to the extention I loose about 2mbps. So it is still in the main socket for now (Cant stay there permanently as its downstairs! and have long Cat5 going to PC atm - not the best I know).

I'm not sure whats causing the noise increase through my extentions though, I may have to go through them one by one. Only skyTV and Telephone are connected at any point, both are filtered, the Telephone from the same filter as the router and an extra filter for the skytv. The old extentions it runs through were previously used on a cable netwook, but they should be the same as normal extentions shouldn't they?

I didn't expect the router to help but I just thought it was good of sky to issue a new one. Had this one for over two years so happy with that.