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Hi everyone.

I've been on Base for about 3 months. Today (literally 15 minutes ago!) I upgraded to Max.

My router stats are showing:
Connection Speed: Down-15907 Up-764
Attenuation: Down-28.0db Up-14.8db
Noise Margin: Down 7.1db Up-12.5

So the connection speed is showing near enough the 16meg. However a speed test is telling me I have about a 4meg download speed.

The guy on the phone said it can take upto 5 days - so does this mean that in 5 days I'll get better download speeds or have I got an issue?


Your stats are good and show a 15+ meg connection with hardly any errors over 57 minutes connected. I think your problem could be a wireless one. Have you turned uPnP off for starters?

Is there any way you can test it with a wired connection as you should be getting 11-12 meg download speeds on most speed testers?