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    can anyone tell me what they think of my stats

    This is a discussion on can anyone tell me what they think of my stats within the Speed tests and how to get better results forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Can anyone tell me what they think of my router stas been running router stats last few days ill cut ...

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      can anyone tell me what they think of my stats

      Can anyone tell me what they think of my router stas been running router stats last few days ill cut and paste them over but first my attentuation is normally around 50.0 doesnt seem too good what you think? and my Noise ratio normally hovers around 7.0 mark but often around 5.0 and this morning as low as 1 something.Ive had all sorts of probs with virus on my machine and dell are doing a test of my machine over line and calling me back tommorrow.But convinced my line is c**p rang sky to send an engineer to look at state of line but itll cost me 116 for first hour then 90 p/hr after that if the problem ends up being mine later im gonna post picture of my phone socket on phone line connection speeds thread but first of all can anyone tell me is 50.0 norm ally for download atten tion bad,hovering around 7 for Noise ratio but often falling to 5 this morning 1 or so is that bad? and finally what do You think of my router stats.

      Thanks for an y help you can give it really is much appreciated and when i lern how to do things i gen will help other people

      System Up Time 01:04:36
      Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collisions Tx B/s Rx B/s Up Time
      WAN PPPoA 49102 94997 0 720 36409 01:02:53
      LAN 10M/100M 105663 59138 0 37184 1375 01:04:34
      WLAN 11M/54M 267 0 0 12 0 01:04:24

      ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
      Connection Speed 864 kbps 416 kbps
      Line Attenuation 52.0 db 31.5 db
      Noise Margin 7.1 db 14.0 db


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      Re: can anyone tell me what they think of my stats

      The Line Attentuation is no big deal, it's only moved about 2db and that will not make any real difference.

      However the SNR Margin by BT's standards is extremely low. The SNR Margin should hold steady at about 9-12db. If the line is dropping to 1db, it's possible that there is a fault.

      If your line drops it's SNR Margin to 1db, there is a very good chance that your router is going to keep disconnecting from the Exchange until the SNR Margin improves.

      I have seen a similar problem with my own line, when DSL Max first came on - my line wouldn't stabilize on the SNR Margin and it kept dropping to 1-2db. My fault was eventually found at the Exchange and I think they changed a component on my line at the Exchange e.g. card, etc. Cannot fully remember, what they did at the Exchange - but it wasn't a direct fault on my line. It took 3 attempts to BT Wholesale to find the fault, as they kept claiming nothing was wrong.

      You have been quoted standard BT rates, which are correct. Your have to be very persistent with Sky to put the issue through as a line fault (if the SNR Margin keeps dropping low) and see what Sky & BT WholeSale can find. Wouldn't recommend paying anything to BT, until BT & Sky can prove that a fault doesn't exist between the (& within the) Exchange and your property.

      You should only pay this amount of money if the fault is found within your house, you will not have to pay BT anything if the fault is behind the test socket of the 'Master BT phone socket' in your house.
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      Re: can anyone tell me what they think of my stats

      Please see the first sticky in my signature for an explanation of attenuation, noise margin etc.

      When you post your full stats someone will be able to advise how they look. From the brief stats you've posted, I suspect they're pretty bad and you do indeed have line problems.

      See the cabling and faceplate help forum for info on diagnosing and fixing line issues - a lot can be done without needing to involve BT.

      [Note: I have deleted your duplicate thread]



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