Hello! I'm actually talking about Virgin Broadband ADSL. I know this is a Sky forum but you guys are all so helpful and answer my messages so well!

So unless you can suggest a virgin broadband forum, would you mind helping?

My brother has Virgin Broadband at his house, the router is plugged directly into the master socket (and doesn't go anywhere else). His SNR is 14.5 and Attenuation is 26, Distance from EX: 500 meters. but he is only getting 1.8mb!

I spoke to Virgin online help and the guy said BT had set my IP Profile to 2mb and all I need to do is disconnect my internet 7+ times a day in the next 3 days and it'll be sorted.

Do you know anything about IP Profiles? - Would this be known as Capping?

The router is a Draytek Vigor 2600 - I understand this is not a ADSL 2+ router? - does this mean I cannot ever get 8mb speeds? Do I need to upgrade to a ADSL 2+ supported router?

Anyone have any ideas?