3KM away from nearest exchange (postcode LS17 8AY)
Excange supports ADSL Max (Moortown Exchange)

When typing the phone number into BT ADSL Line check I get:
"Your exchange is ADSL enabled, and our initial test on your line indicates that your line should be able to have an ADSL broadband service that provides a line rate up to 1Mbps. However due to the length of your line the 1Mbps service may require an engineer visit who will, where possible, supply the broadband service.

Our test also indicates that your line should be able to support a potential ADSL Max broadband line rate of 2.5Mbps or greater."

When i try other postcodes the details are a lot higher.

Now I'm getting Sky TV instlled on Tuesday with the idea of buying Sky Max 16mb Broadband with it. It costs 10 a month with BT line rental of 11. Calls free tc.

Can anyone advise me what type of speeds I'll actually see, and whether there are better value packages around if i'm going to be getting a lower speed, and finally if Virgin Media may have something to offer thats better.