For the first two weeks of my new Sky Max connection I was achieving a full 16 Mbps download speed and 750 kbps upload speed on my main PC, which is hardwired to the Sky router via an Intel NIC - but then the performance started to dip!

My router connection speeds were then, and are now:

DownStream Connection Speed 15997 kbps
UpStream Connection Speed 764 kbps

I now have two Windows XP PCs connected to my Sky (Netgear) router - one hardwired via the Intel PRO/100 VE ethernet card, and the other (my daughter's) wirelessly through an 11Mbps Belkin USB wireless adapter.

By running the SG TCP Optimiser on both PCs I have been able to get the speeds up to the following:

Myself - 13,500 kbps download, 650 kbps upload

My daughter - 4,500 kbps download, 650 kbps upload

I think that most would be relatively happy with these stats, but having achieved the full potential early, I am keen to know what I can try to improve the figures - particularly for my daughter, where even with an 11b adapter, I would have thought that 4,500 kbps download was underachieving by a factor of 2!

I should be grateful for any words of assembled wisdom.