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Hi again

okay, I've tried to change teh password - well I have changed a password but for the life of me I can only find ONE place where a password is requested. This is the password that works for the forum so where do I get to the bit where I can enter a second password?

Am I being terminally dumb?

To use our SMTP server, you have to meet the following citeria

1) Become a member of SkyUser, ie you sign up with your forum username and your chosen password
2) You must be on Sky Broadband
3) You then apply for an SMTP account, supplying your forum username, as in 1) above, and then supplying us with a password, one that is not used anywhere else

Providing you do the above list, we would then PM you telling you that the SMTP has been setup for you.

If you do not do any of the above steps, then you would not be able to use our SMTP service.

If you have had the PM telling you that it has been setup, then you would use the details as in step 3) above and not step 1)