Due to recent events with our SMTP service we are unfortunately going to take an aggressive stance on this service, please read these T&C's that will take effect immediately.

Terms and conditions please read carefully

By using the Skyusermail SMTP server you agree to the following..

  • To keep your connecting computer free from virus, trojans, worms and malware.

  • Not to use the Skyusermail SMTP service for sending unsolicited mail (spam)

  • To ensure your username and password is kept secure and to inform us immediately if any of these are compromised.

  • Not to use the Skyusermail SMTP service for anything illegal under UK and EU law.

  • To visit the SkyUser Mail / SMTP section from time to time to be kept up to date on news, service details and updates.

Any breach of these terms and conditions will result in the following..

  • Your Skyusermail SMTP access will be removed without notice.

  • Your IP will be given to your ISP with an outline of the abuse.

  • You will be banned from the Skyuser forums.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without notice and to inform you via the SkyUser Mail / SMTP section.

Thank you

Glenn and Ged