I'm on my 9th Sky+ box since October 2005 and still suffering the usual dodgey sound, failed recordings etc.

Today my remote control decided it too has had enough and packed up.

I phoned up Sky and even after all of the problems that I have had with Sky+ they still wanted 23.99 for a new remote.

I asked for the cancellations department and got through to a manager (I didn't ask for a manager, I asked for cancellations).

The best that the manager could do for me is to downgrade me to the normal sky box in order to get a new remote control. I cannot believe he actually said that.

So to cut a long story short because I'm sure you know the drill by now regarding the script, I have canceled Sky+ and will be benefiting a saving of 36 per month.

For all you new and up coming Sky+'ers, make sure you get a Pace box because the Thompson ones don't work with a mere lifespan of 6 to 8 weeks.