Just thought I’d share my recent experience. My receiver would no longer record on timer although pause, rewind and recording a current programme worked OK. A Personal Planner re-build and a complete system re-set did not correct the problem.

A call to Sky got me a very knowledgeable chap who talked me through a software re-install for the box but again this did not fix the problem. He then talked me through checking the signal strength/quality. Input 1 was fine (60%/70% respectively) but Input 2 was not even on the scale. Here lay the problem. The end of the single strand copper core in the co-ax cable had become broken and resulted in no connection. Trimming back the cable and re-fitting the co-axial plug restored the lost signal on Input 2 and my timed recordings are now back. (The wife swears she never touched it, even when dusting !).

Hope this helps anyone with a similar problem