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    Sky Plus Set Up

    This is a discussion on Sky Plus Set Up within the Sky+ forums, part of the Sky & Sky+ TV category; Hi Folks, New to the forum because I had a question and I hope someone out there can help... Background: ...

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      Sky Plus Set Up

      Hi Folks,
      New to the forum because I had a question and I hope someone out there can help...
      I have a bog standard sky box with a single cable running from dish to box in living room, Now I have been given a sky+ box by a friend so I wanted to get it set up so I can record one channel while watching another. Now before i contact Sky and end up spending cash I wondered if there was any help that I could get on here. I have been told that I would need to run a second cable from the dish to the box, but I wondered if it was possible to simply get a splitter. I dont want to run more than 1 box etc so surely having the signal split will mean that the 2 recicvers will tune seperatly, or am I missing something?
      Any help appreciated.

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      Re: Sky Plus Set Up

      Each feed to the Sky+ STB will require it's own input from the dish.

      If you are able to access the dish, take a look at it.

      Specifically look at the LNB to see if you have any spare ports.

      If this is not the case, then you could fit your own Quad-LNB (available for under 10) or Octo-LNB (nearer 25-30). Be advised that you should have a suitable meter to check the satellite signal if you take this option.

      Next you will need to purchase either a length of Coax & a pair of suitable F-Plug connectors or a length or Twin-Coax and four F-Plug connectors.

      Before spending any money, I would highly recommend that you check your upgrade options on the Sky website. You may find that you can obtain the 1TB Sky+ HD STB for less than you are about to spend, including any potential installation fee.

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      Re: Sky Plus Set Up

      Best bet by far is to buy a length of twin-core WF100, a Sky Minidish quad ( 4-port ) LNB if you don't already have one fitted, and 4 new F-connectors. Replace your existing cable and connectors with the new gear. The new twin core should slide nicely into the existing hole in the wall, and, when hooked up to the Sky+ box, will give you the required two inputs for Sky plussing everything. Remember to seal up the hole again with the wallplug and some sealant.

      None of this is rocket science ( although it does depend how accessible everything is ).

      Forget about a 'splitter' - the technology doesn't allow a 'split' signal in the same sense as an ordinary splitter allows a HDMI ( or similar ) signal to be split to two different devices. Maybe you are thinking about a stacker/destacker, such as this. Cheaper and reliable option is a twin core etc as suggested.
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