Hi all

Hopefully someone with previous experience or knowledge can help answer the questions I have below.

I will be moving home in 2 weeks and we currently have the following sky services.

Sky HD
Sky Multiroom
Sky Broadband Unlimited
Sky Talk

I have just phoned Sky to ask them what I need to do and basically I was told that there would be a 60 install fee and, even though I am still within the 12 month contract with Sky Broadband, there would be no cancellation fee as the exchange in my new home has not been LLU'd.

Firstly is this correct about the broadband and secondly is there anyway to get the install fee waived? I also noticed on these forums that people are saying you need to give 30 days notice, the guy in the moving teams said that the BB & Talk could be cancelled in 10 days (I didn't ask about the TV), so is there a 30 days notice period or not?

What I thought about doing was cancelling completely and taking advantage of one of the new customer offers. Is it true that the standard HD box is now 500GB? If so this could be my best option.

My only concern is that I currently have an upgraded HD box with 1TB in it and it has loads of recording that I don't want to lose. If I used this box in the new home as the multiroom box would I still be able to access my recordings or are they linked to the existing sky card?

Any advice, suggestions or help would be most appreciated.