Hi all,

I got a new LG 47" TV with my Sky+ Box.

Everything was working fine for the last 2 weeks until today.

Our Sky is on AV1 on the LG tv.

The sky+ remote control no longer works on this mode, when i press buttons the controller led goes red to show its working, but the Sky+ box lights do not go on / recieve a signal.

Heres the very strange thing, when I change the TV mode to AV2/ Atenna / AV3 the sky plus remote works fine, and you can see the sky+ box recieving a signal as it lights red.

It also works when I turn the TV off, if I press sky guide on the sky+ controller when the TV is off or in another tv mode, it works when I put the mode back to AV1 (where the sky+ scart is connected too.)

We have disconnected all the cables, taken out the plugs, tried different scart cables in different sockets, still the same thing.

Nothing has changed since yesterday.

any ideas>