I used to have a multiroom subscription, when I cancelled it the box in the 2nd room bewcame FTA, however up until today I thought it turned into a freesat from sky, it was only after talking to someone at sky that this isnt the case.
I understand the freesat from skys box cards expire soon as do subscription sky cards, I was told though that mine wont so I dont need to replace it.

I always thought a viewing card was needed for sky 3, five us, and fiver to name but a few.

What is the difference then between fta and freesat from sky? Does freesat from sky only show channels that are freesat channels without having the additional "upgrade now" message on the other channels?

Also what are the differnece with the channels do fta have more than freesat from sky etc?

Is it true what the lady at sky said and that my ex contract viewing card wont expire?