tips and tricks for sky hd and sky + systems

full system reset for sky hd (you will lose all recordings)

press services on remote .then go to settings .then press .0.0.1 then select on remote for new epg

for old epg press services type the full system reset

full system reset if cant access the menus (you will lose all recordings)

turn power off at mains . then on front off box hold down . left and right buttons in the dail area .hold and turn power on . the play lights up press select on box not remote .and let go off buttons now wait up to 5 mins

software download for buggy boxes

turn mains off to box . and hold down the backup button on the box .turn power on to box . and wait for all lighs to come on .if all lights come on let go off backup.
and wait for the box to reboot you know when all lights go out .

( please note if you have a lcd or plasma tv or older tv you may get screen burn from the logo off the software update so best turn tv off when doing this )

full system planner rebuild ( for slow epg missing listings ect)

press services on remote then go to settings then press 0.0.1 select on remote
for new epg then planner rebuild ..

for old epg press services then 4.0.1 select on remote then planner rebuild
(you will not lose any recordings or listings)

hope this makes a sticky postie