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Other than +Extract, you can only copy them to your PC if you have a video capture card and then only in 'real time'. The method GSMGuy is testing would involve removing the HDD from your box, I don't know if you are prepared to do this. Maybe he will give us a report on his success or otherwise.
The Copy button can only be used to copy to a VCR, DVD, or HDD recorder. The last would probably be your best bet, these are quite cheap now and can be got for under 50, for example-
Acoustic Solutions DVD Recorder with 80GB HDD - Aria Technology

This one is on special offer so you would have to be quick.
Acoustic Solutions DVD Recorder with 160GB HDD - Aria PC

It is amazing not long ago you would have paid this for a HDD on it's own.
you are right i paid 450 for my panosonic and only 80gb hardrive in it

Thats an amazing price....normal dvd players are still that price

Nice one Isitme