Sorry if this has been covered before, but my Mums Sky+ Pace V2 box has been acting up, recordings freezing or appearing to play in slow motion very juddery and sometimes blocking and freezing on normal viewing without playback being use. Anyway after several full resets and planner rebuilds I decided to try changing the hard drive. I had a 40gb Hitachi laying about so I wacked that in, result! it has cured all the problems. Now I have a new one, the fan is running at full speed and making a right racket! Guess its a bit worn, but why has the fan speed gone up? dose the box somehow know I have changed the hard drive? It's not temperature related because it dose it as soon as I plug the box in. So is there a way of getting it to run at the correct speed or can I get a quieter fan somewhere? I was hoping my Mum wouldn't notice but I only changed the drive yesterday and she rang me this morning to tell me there's a buzzing in her lounge and she cant work out where its coming from