I have been with Sky+ since October 08, so am still under warranty, and unfortunately, contract too. We are on our 3rd Sky box and we have never been able to record one program and pause / rewind a different channel at the same time - it keeps coming up with 'Recording Interrupted.' On the box that was installed yesterday by Sky, it also make a clicking noise and now the pause function doesn't always work, even without recording another channel.

In total we have had 3 engineers out. Two gave us new boxes and another said one of the cables was loose at the dish, which he said he fixed. The problems are never resolved when the engineers leave and they won't wait til I check it before they leave.

As a side issue, more of a moan if nothing else, Sky promised us that the engineer from yesterday would return, but he never did. We've been on the phone to Sky all day yesterday and today because we never got promised calls from engineers, and we still haven't had one call or re-visit.

We are at our wits end with the whle thing and are seriously considering cancelling the direct debit just to see what happens. I have now emailed the CustomerCareEscalations@BSkyB.com address and see what happens there as their 5p per minute calls are costing us a fortune. Any technical or customer related help would be appreciated.