Two nights ago I came home a turned on the TV but couldn't change the channel on the SKY+ Box (I have a Pace TDS470N box - 2yrs old). Nothing would work. I pressed the standby button on the box and it shut down but I couldn't get it to come back on again. It would just stay in standby. There didn't seem to be any strange noises coming from the box. I tried updating firmware (holding stanby on power up) but still wouldn't come out of standby. I then tried hard drive format/reset (holding left/right on power up), and this eventually powered the box back on again. Great I thought - lost all programs in planner but saved 65 call out fee!! (Incidentally, same thing happened almost exactly one year ago with same box).
Well, I put a few programs into the planner and sat down following night to watch and as soon as I tried to Fast forward to start of program it froze again and I had to do the left/right reset again. Haven't tried it yet today but have had a look at hard drive replacements on web.
Does anybody recognise the symptoms I'm getting and if the drive is duff can anybody recommend a good replacement?