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    2 feeds installed, 1 feed working, and uncoperative building management

    This is a discussion on 2 feeds installed, 1 feed working, and uncoperative building management within the Sky+ forums, part of the Sky & Sky+ TV category; Please excuse the essay, TLDR version at the end. I moved into a new flat with a communal satellite system ...

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      2 feeds installed, 1 feed working, and uncoperative building management

      Please excuse the essay, TLDR version at the end.

      I moved into a new flat with a communal satellite system about 3 months ago and got Sky HD installed. The Letting agent had advised me, that she 'thought' you could only get basic Sky.

      I spoke to DAS (the company that installed the communal system) and they said ‘if there is a dual feed point you can get Sky+’ and lo and behold, there is a 2 feed faceplate installed in the wall. I ordered HD but when the engineer came he told me that only one of the feeds was working, and I’d have to contact whoever managed the building to get DAS back to connect up the second feed (he said in his experience it was common to run 2 but only connect 1 so they can cheap out on the amp) He also told me he’d seen flats on the same estate (all built at the same time) with 2 feeds so it was possible. I can record from one feed no problem, but have the usual lottery with programmed recordings.

      I spoke to my letting agent, who contacted the building management but it just happened that weekend the contract was changing hands from ‘Barrat Estates’ to ‘Premier Estates’ and the contracts hadn’t been sorted out. Which began a long process of chasing Premier to get something moving.

      In the meantime I spoke to one of my neighbours who only had one feed (and a single faceplate) installed originally and had another line physically ran to the amp, and now enjoyed full sky+ functionality. And to DAS who said sorting me out should be a trivial matter but they need Premier to request they come.

      Finally 6-7 weeks after I first phoned, I got a response from my letting agent saying Premier had ‘looked at the lease’ and LEAGALY couldn’t allow 2 feeds, because they ‘have to use the existing communal system’ so not only where they unwilling to get DAS to hook up the second feed but it would be against the law if they did.

      I’ve not spoken to them directly yet. I want to take a look at the amp and see if it has spare ports, and if indeed there is an unconnected cable from my flat before I do.

      TLDR: I have a dual feed faceplate with 1 feed working and the building management refuses to call the communal system maintainer to switch on the second feed.

      So basically I’m looking to the collective wisdom of this forum for advice.
      Do the management agent have any obligation to provide 2 feeds if a dual plate is installed?

      Anyone had a similar situation resolved and can advise the ‘right questions’ to ask, eg, not asking for sky+ but just asking for 2 feeds etc?

      One thing I noticed, on the signal strength test, the second feed shows a half full signal strength bar but an empty signal quality bar and says it’s ‘unlocked’ could that indicate I am wired up, but to a dud amp?


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      Re: 2 feeds installed, 1 feed working, and uncoperative building management

      First thing - There is definitely no legal reason why they cannot connect the second feed. The real issue is more likely to be that if the communal system's amps are already fully utilised then to get another feed to you, it will be necessary to spend money to upgrade the system which they probably won't be prepared to do.

      Second thing would be to take the faceplate off the wall and see if you have two leads connected to it or whether there is only one. This will determine in part the degree of difficulty of finding a solution.

      The legal obligation on the freeholder or his agent (premier) is to supply you with the services described in your lease. If the lease says you will get two feeds then they have to provide them but if as I suspect, the lease is silent or says something like "you will be able to connect to the communal system for satellite TV" then the freeholder could be said to have fulfilled his part of the bargain unfortunately.

      In your case it sounds as if the answer you have been given is from someone quite low down tne chain of command. I would suggest you should contact them again, explain that the service you are receiving is not what you were lead to believe you were paying for (after all you are paying the service charge even as a tenant) and appeal to the Managing director if you don't get satisfaction. Keep complaining and eventually someone will see sense.

      One question - Are you prepared to meet the cost of providing a second feed? If yes (and you might need a quote from DAS to decide) then I would also make this point in your letter.



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