I posted this in another thread but thought I'd re-post it in a separate thread in case it gets lost.

I don't know if this will be of benefit for any of you but it works for me.

If any of you have had your sky + box stuck in standby mode and have tried all the other ways of getting it working again, then try this.

This will only work if you have already registered your sky + box to allow you to remote record. Otherwise you will just have to wait until a scheduled recording starts that is already in your planner.

Sign into the Sky website and go to the TV Guide and then TV Listing section.

Select a TV program (any one on any channel you subscribe to and preferably one that is going to start in about 15 mins time) and click on the link to remote record the program.

Go back and wait by your sky+ box and you should see the red recording light come on, even though the box is still in standby.

When the box is recording, press sky on your remote control and the power on button and hey presto the box should come back on.

I found this solution quite by accident. We've had a number of power cuts over the last few days and the box would not respond when the power came on. Then one of my scheduled recordings started and so I hit the power button and it come back on.

I hope this helps anyone.