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    sky+ purchase good then bad (very long)

    This is a discussion on sky+ purchase good then bad (very long) within the Sky+ forums, part of the Sky & Sky+ TV category; right, yesterday i decided i was going to have sky+ (well beeen wanting it for a while) i did not ...

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      sky+ purchase good then bad (very long)

      right, yesterday i decided i was going to have sky+ (well beeen wanting it for a while) i did not want multi room and i also had no intention of paying 179 for the box inc install, now im not greedy and had no intention of trying to get a free box out of them (maybe i should of) i thought 49 for the box plus the new contract for the telephone at 10 was a price i would only pay and i new someone in the company had the power to give me what i wanted.

      sky line rental is now active this was to be used by me as a bargining chip to get the sky+ at a good deal - 49 is what i wanted to pay

      went directly to sales via phone, after a long wait i get through, i ask what he can do for me deal wise, basicaly he gave me all the standard prices etc, deal could be done if i took multiroom, i said no no no.

      i said im willing to let you take over my phone line and give you the contract for supplying my telephone line if we can come to a deal with the sky+, after lengthy discusion, he told me that he had no "barganing or haggling" authoriity and he would not be able to override the system quoted prices (which i belive maybe true).

      He then said retentions have power to lower prices etc (even though i was not even thinking of leaving) and that he could pass me through to them - which i did, he told me that i knew what i was after and good luck to me, saying if he could of gave me the sky+ box at a good deal then he would) i replied me to as theres noway im falling for your standard sales pitch - he said i can see that lol, i then replied dont worry you know as well as i do you will sell plenty of full price systems today - just not to me, we both had a laugh and he sent me off to retentions - nice bloke to be honest.

      transfers call - line goes dead, had to ring back up, asked tot be put through to retentions, i was asked why, i explained all of the above, was told (just like i thought) retentions would probably not help as you aint leaving, was told "revenue prouducts or pruduct revenue" department might have power to do deal, was passed through, explained all the above for third time, after lengthy talks i was told that this dept also had no power to lower prices, was told customer care have power and that i could be transfered over - i said yes.

      now this is coming up to 40 mins of phone calls so far, i gets through to customer care i explain all of the above yet again, they give there sales pitch and give mine, this peron would still not budge on price, i then told her again that im a bb max customer, who joined within days of exchsnge going live, told her im willing to give you the phone line rental aswell.

      She must of seen the light or something lol because she came back and said, i can give you sky+ for 99 and 30 fitting total 129.99 (price down from 179) 50 credit on my account bringing total to pay 79.99 (this lady was loverly by the way) i said your getting me interested, but not quite there i said im only paying 49 no more - your getting my ine rental aswell remember, so i come out with it, i said you pay for the install (by crediting me another 30) and youve got a deal, she replied yes go on then youve got a deal lol. i would pay 129 today and instantly get a 80 credit on my account. meaning i got the sky+ for 49 - with view of selling my pace digibox on ebay for approx 20 TO 40

      well this is where it went wrong very wrong, 1st of all she did credit that 80 to my account (showed up on my online account) but she could not put order through it would have to be sales....

      I will finnish off later as theres loads more to write, but the calls to sales wet wrong then there computers crashed, i have been on phone for 97 minutes today, ive just checked online and the 80 is still there, but they have signed me up to multiroom and not put me on the line rental - they have put me on to the free talk package, so things ar not good at moment, im not going to ring them im going to email them.

      not a complaint as such as the people are quite nice on phone, even though ive been messed about and my account totaly rearanged with wrong products, i wll be seeking costs of those phone calls i made at the very least though, will finish this off tommrow.

      all sorted, now have sky+ fitted one week tommrow, cost me 49 in total, just about to put my old pace digibox up for sale on ebay.
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