I've had my Sky+ box (Pace) since beginning of 2006, when after 2 years our previous Sky + box HDD just 'failed' and we were offered a new(ish?) one from Sky for 99. Since then with this box, every 4 months or so I've had to perform a planner rebuild and full system reset, erasing everything due to recordings freezing.

3 days ago, I had 4 recordings on the planner, and none of them would play successfully. Start them playing and after a few seconds the picture comes on, but then just freezes. Remote buttons are unresponsive (IR lights but nothing happens), then all of a sudden the button presses catch up and I'm taken through a motion of backups and menu screens! Even starting the recording a few minutes into it does the same.

So I perform a full system reset and then attempt a recording. Upon playing this it freezes in the first two minutes.

Is my box screwed? What options do I have?