I've been a Sky plus user for years and have had many different models/hard drives over that time. I currently have three different ones in different places.

This morning I've hit a problem I've never seen before. The box in question is a PVR1 into which I've put a 250GB drive.

I had to switch the box off at the mains and, of course, Sky plus really does not like that.

So I was prepared for the possibility that it would not come out of standby.

However, what has happened is rather odder. The hard drive has audibly restarted. The standby button has gone green, rather than staying red. The remote light flashes red when signals are sent to it.

But nothing bar a blank blue screen is displayed. I have switched the power off and on once more without any change. I've checked all the connections, swapped over SCART cables and checked the TV - all seem to be fine. The TV will show terrestrial TV without problems and the SCART cables show DVDs fine too.

So on one level the box is dead - only a blue screen - yet on another level it is not, with a green standby light, audible hard drive and red flashes in response to remote control signals.

Any ideas? Is the hard drive dead, alive, or are its contents only salvageable via Copy+ in a PC?