Hi Guys

First post on here as Ive just had Sky+ installed this morning, and this is actually an information post rather than a cry for help!

I was playing around trying to get the RF channel to work and found the usual instructions about going into Services then typing in 401 [Select] to get into installer mode, but for my Amstrad box this didnt work and Google didnt reveal an alternative.

Ive just got off the phone to customer services and it seems this number has now changed on newer boxes. To get into Installer Mode on my box I needed to do the following:

Press Services
Go into System Setup (option 4)
now type in 001[Select]

I.e it's now 4 001[Select]

Sorry if this is well known, its just all the searches I did revealed the 401 method but not this, so I thought Id post this to help in future.