Hi, please bear with me on this one. We currently have the 6 Mix package on Sky and want to get Sky Sports and Sky +. However, at the moment we have 2 old boxes around the house which normally don't have any cards in them so we just pick up the free channels. From time to time, we just take out the card from the main box and put it into one of these other boxes if we want to watch one of the subscription channels in another part of the house.

Now I know you can't do this with the Sky Sports/Movies channels as they are only come on the box the card is paired to. What I'd like to know is when we get Sky Sports and Sky +, will the card continue to be able to be moved to one of the other boxes if we still want to watch say MTV or something in another room? Does Sky+ start playing up, etc. if the card is removed? Is it true that the Sky+ box phones home if the card keeps being removed (none of our boxes are connected to the phone at the moment)?

Thanks for your help.