I'm still in contract and despite multiple calls there were definitely no offers available to me on my account. The best they would offer me was 159.00 for Sky+ box and installation which I initially ordered but then cancelled as I wasn't prepared to pay top price. As a long shot I e-mailed their Customer Care Escalation Department / James Murdoch and highlighted that this seemed rather unreasonable - the long and short of it as a gesture of goodwill I've now had a free brand NEW Sky+ receiver (a lovely PACE PVR3), free installation and a senior engineer to fit it. The engineer even gave me a second Sky+ remote for free and I still remain on the discounted contract I was on.

It goes a long way keeping it polite and professional and also knowing who to e-mail (james.murdoch@bskyb.com). I didn't ask directly for an offer or whinge, I just expressed my disappointment and invited their comments on the situation and waited to see what they had to say.

TBH you can't say fairer than that, I was still under a Sky contract so thought I'd have to wait until that ended - so I'm very impressed with Sky as they have surpassed my expectations. The amount of goodwill this has yielded from myself can only reflect well on Sky itself.


PS - If anyone decides this is the route they are going to try I would probably not say "I saw someone else was offered this so why can't I have it" - best to contact them totally independently. Remember keep it polite!