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    Hands Up I made a mistake after all

    This is a discussion on Hands Up I made a mistake after all within the Sky unhappiness forums, part of the Sky Broadband feedback category; This is more of a book really, But feel its important to air my views on here not to mention ...

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      Thumbs down Hands Up I made a mistake after all

      This is more of a book really, But feel its important to air my views on here not to mention vent my frustration and anger at sky.
      Some of you who have read my past posts will see that i have always been a happy camper where sky was concerned and never really had an issue with them my broadband service has been excellent since i left BT back in september last year and have, Since then felt happy and content with my lot and my choice to move over to sky. That is until tha past 10 days when a mole hill became a massive mountain and it was not of my doing.
      It was last saturday the 20something of january being as i said happy with sky i decided to upgrade my package from the mid at 5.00 to the 10.00 so i called sky on that saturday night and everything went smoothly then i asked the guy on the phone if it was possible to retrieve my password for my email as i had lost my original sent to me back in september he very politely explained that it was customary to send out a new password within 5 working days, I was happy with that and waited for the post, As i expected the letter arrived on thursday with the new password and happily that night i tried to log in but to no avail so i contacted what has now become my worst nightmare TECHNICAL SUPPORT .

      This folks is wher the trouble began a very nice chap in india told me there must be server problem and all would be sorted out in 24hrs, oK no reason to doubt this so waited and again on friday night tried to log in but to no avail, Called TS and got some explanation that my details had not been logged correctly, e would look into it and 24 hours later all would be resolved Mmmm heard that before. Starting to lose a little confidence i decided to leave it for a week to give them enough time to sort the problem out.
      Friday 2nd Feb cant log in phone technical support wait 40 mins get through and explain from the beginning sorry for the inconvenience sir it will all be resolved in 24 hours Aggggggh Saturday 3rd 7:30pm cant log in, Call TS This guy was a classic he shouted down the phone at me talked to me like i was something you scrape off the bottom of a shoe and was generally aggresive in his manner very nice indian person NOT.
      By now i am so angry i ask to be put through to customer services 20 minutes leter i get through to a guy in scotland who asks me for my account No, Giggles and puts the phone down on me this call in total from start to finish was 1hour 20minutes. I waited 24 hrs and tried again whilst silently frothing at the mouth, Sunday 4th tried to log in no avail grit my teeth and call TS I am apologised to and told it was a problem that they had to escelate and all would sorted in Yes you guessed it 24hrs, I asked to speak to a supervisor who did come on the phone and knew little more than me about technical issues and palmed me off with some other excuse not related to any previous ones,While on i complained about the rude operator from the previous night and he said that the operator would be reprimanded and i should talk to customer services for compensation some 1 hour and ten minutes into this call he patched me through and the rep at cs credited my account with 10.00 so far it has cost me more than that in phone calls, After almost 1 hr and 45 mins of mind games and battling this call ended with me having to wait 24hrs so last night 5th i could not log in so i bit the bullet and called again,This was worse than before and any previous calls i have had, this very sweet little indian lady who sounded no more than 18yrs old was in such a giggling fit she could not even talk to me properly, I persevered and tried to explain again right from the start of the problem and to cut a long story short i again had to put up with rudeness and lack of knowledge or experience, after some 55 minutes of going round and round in circles, again i was told all would be sorted in 24 hours, By this time i could contain my frustration, Anger and sheer disgust with the whole experience no longer, i rang back for Customer servcices and after explaining my plight i was told there was nothing anyone could do,there is no complaints department,there is no mediator in these situations all i could do was deal with tech support or write in with a complaint but i was not told where to write, Ok she aplogised and accepted that sky do not promote rudeness but i felt she was reading from a script.

      I have to say my email issue is now resolved thanks to this great site and only wish i had looked sooner but to be honest i had wasted so much of my valuable time with the that i didnt have the heart to come on here or the strength for that matter it was a password problem i had to replace the what i thought was a l with a capital I and all is well with that now so thanks sky user.
      Now i have a quandry because i now feel that moving to sky was the worst thing i did and i am now seriously considering ending my whole sky experience that is my digital sky, My BB my SKY TALK the whole caboodle because i feel this experience has seriously damaged my relationship wth sky and no longer feel i want to be part of it.

      I am sorry this has been a long read but wanted to explain in detail

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      Re: Hands Up I made a mistake after all

      Forgive me but your issue was resolved with the password reset and letter you recieved but you didnt key it in correctly ?

      I cannot condone the way you where spoken to but if the above is the case it really is just a case of not checking the basics, and please remember that the agents you would have spoken to are reading from a knowledge base and alot do not have technical backgrounds. The same goes for supervisors of tier1 they are there to supervise staff and performance not for technical knowledge, this is what the escalation precedure is for.

      Email issues are tricky for t1 as it can be many things and as of yet they do not have much to work with, they are told if it is a password issue reset password so I must admit its good to hear of some consistency there.

      I do however advise that you write to sky perhaps through the email address or the post address. can be found on the website. Hopefully some of your calls where monitored and the agents dealt with, as of course that sort of attidude and the way you where spoken to cannot be allowed to happen.

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      Re: Hands Up I made a mistake after all

      Even though it was simple to fix in the end, you still went through what a lot of people go through who do have password problems, and it's unacceptable the way you were treated. The most horrible thing is this, Sky would most likely condone the way things were done. Every step of the way we're told this: "If you don't know what to do to help, follow the system, if you do know exactly how to help, don't, follow the system", they just want people in and out of calls as quickly as possible. They trust their damn technical support system which half of the time has no answer, and ends up with people being told oh it's a server problem, or "you're street lights may be effecting your connection, thanks for calling!" (that's an honest resolution in the KMS system).

      Any time I'd get someone through who's been given crap by another agent I try to chase up their agent ID, but with little success, realistically as long as they got you in and out quickly I have no case against them, which makes me sick sometimes.

      If I could go and talk to Murdoch I honestly would, I think any of us on this forum having just one meeting with him could change the entire system, just by asking "Why do you honestly not give a crap about your customers?"

      I actually know a guy in a different callcentre who Sky are (no joke) thinking of pulling the plug on because they (are rude? are inefficient?) actually help people, their handle times are high because of the long calls actually trying to give people the help they deserve, breaking out of Sky's worthless tech support system and actually applying their knowledge to getting people online.

      Sky are the devil, a horrible factory taking good people in destroying their hopes for a cheap semi-decent broadband service and dumping them after they've squeezed enough money out of them for phonecalls and cancellation fees to justify it.

      We should make a petition to actually send to Murdoch about setting up a meeting, someone can take minutes and post them up here when it's done, I think we need to make a difference and what better way than to talk to the creator of this broadband nightmare.
      Is it wrong to work for the devil? Not if you can make a difference... and he pays well.



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