My Sky broadband connection normally connects at ~7000kbps downstream and ~900kbps upstream. About 2 weeks ago it started randomly dropping out and reconnecting at lower speeds. I monitored it through the Hub control panel ( The next day I began my latest attempt to get any technical support from Sky :

Call1, Day 1 : spoke to a man who went through all the usual checks and‘plugging it into the test socket’ etc. He 'ran a line test'. Hetold me something like 'it should work now but call back if itdoesn't'. It didn’t.

Call 2, Day ~5 : spoke to a man who made me go through the exact same checks as the first guy. He 'ran a line test'. Conversation just went in circles. He kept asking me what I wanted him to do. I replied 'fix the problem'. He rudely put the phone down on me.

Call 3, Day ~5 : Called straight back after the man put the phone down on me. Another man 'ran a line test'. Told me he could see a problem with the 'noise margins colliding' and that he had 'adjusted the upstream noise margin'. This seemed to put a band aid on the problem for a few days but there were still dropouts and speed fluctuations.

Call 4, Day ~14 : Upstream connection speed (as read in the Hub control panel) was about half of what it was 2 weeks previous. Random dropouts and re-connections at random speeds. Called and spoke to a female Sky rep. This was the worst call yet (over an HOUR). She had me do all the checks the others had already asked me to carry out(multiple times), plus others which made absolutely no sense like'changing the wifi channel' and 'unplugging the ethernet cable'. I told her that these would not affect a connection problem on the physical phone line, but was forced to humour her anyway because she stated 'if you wont work with me to solve the problem I can’t help you'. She ran about 4 'line tests' and kept telling me that the line was 'fine'. I got her to admit that random dropouts and speed changes on the line were a problem. I got her to admit that my current upstream connection speed was currently less than half of what it was before the dropouts started. But she told me there was 'nothing else she could do' and that 'her system wouldn't allow her to send an engineer'. At one point she tried to blame it on ‘using a lot of data’ to which I responded ‘Its an unlimited connection’. When I asked to speak to somebody else she told me that 'there was nobody else I could talk to except the cancellations dept.'

Call 5, Day ~14 : Called straight back. This time I got a man who told me he was 'tier 2'. He told me that I couldn't get an engineer until I had a new Sky Hub, which he would send me overnight. I told him the new Hub would make no difference (as I'd also told the previous 3 people) but his explanation at least informed me that wasting a new Hub might open up the possibility of an Openreach visit, so I accepted it. He told me that Sky would call me the next day to see if the problem was fixed. I was charged 9.95 for delivery of the Hub which did nothing to solve the problem (as I had predicted multiple times). I was not informed that there would be any charge.

Call 6, Day ~16 : I did not get a call from Sky as promised. The problem was now even worse (downstream connection had dropped to <800kbps now) so I called again and spoke to a woman who wanted a picture of my phone socket. I sent one. Then she told me that their ‘picture viewer was broken’. She 'ran a line test', which finally showed that there was indeed a problem with the line (as I'd been saying for>2 weeks). After some more standard nonsense she told me that there was 'no option to book an engineer on her screen' and went to talk to somebody else. On returning she informed me that I would have to sign up for another 12 months of Sky or pay 65 or I (PTO)wouldn't get an engineer to fix the problem. I asked to speak to a manager. The manager told me the same thing except that I would get the 65 back if the problem was with the line (the woman hadn't mentioned this). I told him that this sounded like a scam to get people to sign up for more Sky. He informed me that if I wanted the line fixed that I needed to choose between the two options. He was also very keen to police my speech (it is forbidden to get frustrated at the treatment Sky dishes out, right?). I was forced to pay the 65 to book an engineers visit in 5 days time for a problem that Sky refused to even acknowledge for over 2 weeks. I was also told that a Sky rep would call me back after the engineers visit to make sure the line was fixed (I told them I didn't have much faith that this call would actually happen). I asked how I could make a complaint about the ‘help’ I’d received and was told ‘we don’t encourage customers to write in’ and that ‘the issue was being closed today as a solution had been found’. I tried to press the matter but got nowhere.

I have only included the ‘highlights’ here because transcribing the estimated 4 hours of nonsense I’ve had to endure on the ‘helpline’would take too long.
As things got progressively worse I started recording the calls (I informed the Sky reps that I was recording). I've been with Sky for over 16 years – one Sky rep even had the audacity to tell me I was a ‘VIP customer’. My connection breaks down at least once or twice every single year and I have to go through this nonsense every single time. If this is how Sky treats “VIP customers”, I can’t imagine how they treat new ones.