Hi everyone,
Well what a saga, just like many of you have had.

I phoned up to get my lovely new sky max after receiving the email on the 16th October and thought cool i'll get a decent speed for less money, quids in. Well that was the start of a slippery slope, after receiving a letter saying they had a problem and needed to contact me, I phoned to find there was an LLU on the line.
After spending an hour on the phone to Ukonline ( my previous supplier) and not getting through I phoned bt (0800800150) and spoke to a guy who said there was a tag on the line, which he removed and had to speak to the robot in the exchange to do another fix. Well I let sky know and went back to the happy thoughts of high speed broadband.

I phoned sky again on friday to find there was still a problem with the tag on the line and phoned bt again who gave me bt wholesale's number (0800 169 9576) and they found a tag on the line and removed it then said their eco system could not recognise my postcode, and i should get sky to send a manual customer request form with subject matter of override request.

After the weekend i phoned sky to see how it was progressing to find they had cancelled the order, I was furious. I phoned btwholesale againand spoke to Vikram in the bt tags team ( A damn nice guy by the way) he found an incorrect marker on the line, removed it and did a pre-order inquiry, all was well. I phoned sky back and let them know (Steve i think his name was, another decent guy) he told me they didn't need all the information Vikram had given me as it was their equipment in the exchange, he placed the order again and gave me an activation date of the 6th November and would try and speed it up if possible.
Saturday came and Steve called back saying bt were going to activate the line on the 2nd, great news, wrong!!!

The router turned up on wednesday 1st and the 2nd came and went with no 'i' lit, i phoned skyon the 3rd to be told 'you have to wait 3days sir as stated in our letter'.
The 6th came and it got to 6pm (no 'i' light) i phoned sky to find 'the dates do not match on our system it should be activated by midnight tonight, give us a ring tomorrow if its not'.
Well I phoned today and spoke to a Nick in provisions who did not ring me back as he promised and phoned after lunch to find that my problem has now been escalated to their ' SRT-Team' and should be fixed in 7-10 days.
Not a very happy customer I can say but I will perseveer, by the way does anyone have an email address for the SRT-Team?