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    Poll: Should sky be available to new customers at 1/2 price

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    Am very fed up with skys unfair pricing

    This is a discussion on Am very fed up with skys unfair pricing within the Sky unhappiness forums, part of the Sky Broadband feedback category; Just to fisnish this off Sky has lost me for good now they have only offered to pay £50.00 in ...

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      Re: Am very fed up with skys unfair pricing

      Just to fisnish this off Sky has lost me for good now they have only offered to pay £50.00 in unfair charging which they have appologised for even though they actuatlly owe me more like £67. They have no interest in keeping me as a customer depite that I have paid them in excess of £600.00 in two years . There customer support is aweful and thier managers are even worse. They do not give a damn if your a egular payer and to be honest I am better off without them

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      Re: Am very fed up with skys unfair pricing

      what do u get for your £36.50 a month ????

      Quote Originally Posted by Max2thous10 View Post
      I recently contacted sky regarding the cost of my Sky package which works out at £36.50 a month. I was appalled that a new customer (a friend) had been given the Sky World package at half price and with a free sky+ box and free installation for one year at half price.

      When I talked to sky about this they first denied anyone had this until it was passed to the disconnection team.

      After discussing this matter at length I am still dissatisfied after talking to them as they seem to think that adding Sky phones to my account with free 12 months line rental is equivalent to the discount the new customers are getting. They have not factored into this the cost my Talktalk broadband will rise when I havenít got the Talktalk phone service. They have not dealt with my original problem with my current service over pricing instead wanting another service from me when they have lied and mislead me about the one I have with them.

      I cannot believe sky can offer one customer five mixes and 2 movie channels for £23.50 p.c.m for a year when they want £36.80 p.c.m for a year from me for the same service.

      This means a new customer gets a years sky for £282.00 and I get a years sky for £441.60 .
      In addition they told me that I could have 3 months for £25.00 pcm not 12 months

      The lucky new sky customer gets a free sky + box and free installation and free box maintenance for a year something I was never offered as Ihad to buy my own box which is no longer maintained.

      I think Sky must think its customers are idiots. And they will pay regardless.

      I am not very happy that they are unable to resolve my problems with my sky account without adding a further service. I have nothing against the other services being placed with sky but to be honest I you are going to offer me something it should be cheaper that what I have already got and the advisor should be better informed on the broadband fees.

      I am left with nothing but to cancel my subscription as obviously the two years I have spent paying sky for their service my box and installation are nothing to what they will offer there new customers.

      I feel like the man in the bank advert only I didnít get the juicy fat worm rate even at the beginning. Well as in the bank advert I am jumping out of the keep net and suggest others look at this and do the same.


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      Re: Am very fed up with skys unfair pricing


      This was last replied to 02-02-09 at 08:12 PM - 5 months ago!
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