I ordered the sky package over 6weeks ago now because it seemed like a great deal and sky is a huge company so thought it would be easy, but it isnt.

We activated our BT line then technicians came to install everything. We got a letter saying broadband will be active around the 20th June so myself and my four housemates stared to plan days where we could work at home and revise for important accountancy exams. On the 20th or 21st when nothing happened i gave sky a ring and they said they was a problem at the exchange and that something was broken and had to be fixed, was told to wait 15days and it would be working by then. On the 16th day i got a phonecall (from BT technician i think) saying what has just been installed was broken again, he didnt give me an eta for fixing it, just said ring sky the next day, so i did. I then spoke to someone who said this kind of thing rarely happens but he said ive been 'fastracked' and could be back on in 4days. so on the 4th day i rung up and someone said it should be done in 2days (6th day). So that day came and went and in the evening i rung up and the next guy said it would be definently done by in 2more days and that the guy before should of said 6days. so two days later no broadband so i rung again and the guy said that both the two people i had spoken too were talking rubbish, and that this kind of problem takes 10days to fix. so 10days have come and gone (yesterday) so i rang up again and spoke to a very rude irish lady who gave me no information except 'usually takes 15days to fix'.

I want to know what the hell is going on? Its now been 27days of waiting and making phonecalls and being told lies, and its starting to make me go crazy! i dont want to cancel as it will take even longer for a new provider to get on the case. i want just want someone to pull there finger out and fix it, i also want to know if im entitled to any form of compensation for spending so much time ringing up (consider that each of my many many phonecalls takes over 30mins), and then what happens if they dont fix it after the second 15day period is over, do i just wait again even though ive been told twice that im being fast-tracked!!