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    My experience with Ultrafast upgrade

    This is a discussion on My experience with Ultrafast upgrade within the Sky Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; UPDATE: This is not the Ultra Fibre Optic UFO thing that was being trialled in places like York. It's Ultrafast, ...

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      My experience with Ultrafast upgrade

      UPDATE: This is not the Ultra Fibre Optic UFO thing that was being trialled in places like York. It's Ultrafast, which is different (so maybe this post is in the wrong forum).


      I thought I would share my recent experience of upgrading to Sky Ultrafast Broadband with you.

      I was a SuperFast customer (started August 2019) and got a notice a couple of months ago that Ultrafast was now available for my property (I'm in a village just on the edge of Grantham), so after a while I booked it. Yesterday the engineer did the changeover. It was an Openreach guy, not a Sky guy. He didn't come to my house, he called me from the cabinet which is about 100 yards from me (I could see his van near the cabinet when I went out onto the street for a look). A friendly and knowledgable guy.

      The new router came a few days beforehand. The Sky instructions were to plug it in in advance of the engineer visit, which I left until the morning of the switchover (the engineer was booked for the afternoon). Good thing I left it that late, because I couldn't connect to the internet with it. Then, when the engineer called, he said it would have been better if I hadn't had connected it first!

      Anyway, after quite a while and a hard reset of the router the new service became active.

      A few things of note.

      1. At first the fast speed didn't materialise. In fact it was initially about twice as slow as my old speed, not twice as fast. I checked this on various speed testers, with various devices,and did lots of router and device restarts to see if that helped. Downloading some large files from a few sites I knew well also confimed that things were a bit slower than before. The funny thing is that Sky's' own diagnostic test on MySky told me that the speed from the cabinet to my hub was 159-160Mbps, but the speed testers were telling me 30-35Mbps. (The upload speed was about 30Mbps, as it should be, so the upload was almost as fast as the download.) I initially wondered whether the speed Sky was reporting wasn't a real speed based on a real test, maybe it was just the speed they expected, but then it did say 159 last night but then 160 this morning after another check, so maybe it was a real speed. So maybe there was a problem with the box, or with the connection from the box to my computer. I had tried other cables, and wireless devices were giving the same results, and resets hadn't helped, so I was wondering whether to call Sky or just give the line testing service a few days to hopefully improve things, when a final attempt at unplugging the power and the internet cable from the Sky box for five minutes worked, and I now have 150.26 Mbps download speed (and 29.53 upload) according to Ookla and other testing sites.

      2. I have no fibre to my property, it's still copper. I know some people now have fttp, but nothing was replaced at my house, the engineer didn't even come here, and the same old wire still runs from the telegraph pole to our phone socket. (I don't know if they've changed anything on the poles before that section.) The phone/broadband socket is not a fancy new one, either.

      3. With this new Ultrafast service there's now no traditional phone line alongside the broadband, it's all broadband. You have to plug your landline phone into a dedicated socket on the router, so it's like VoIP. Luckily, my landline phone, which is fairly recent (Panasonic KX-TG8564E), works with this setup. (Hopefully I'll get better quality landline calls now, because previously they were pretty poor.) But maybe some older phones won't work.

      4. I had previously replaced my old Sky router with a Billion BiPAC 8800NL modem and an ASUS RT-AC88U (AC-3100) wireless router, following instructions from helpful people on this forum. I did this mainly because the wireless performance on my original Sky router was too poor to work well in my old house which has thick walls. This alternative setup worked really well. But I haven't yet tried it with the new Ultrafast service, and I'm not sure I'll do so. For one thing, the new Sky router seems to have a much better wireless output than my previous one, although I can't test this fully until a new ADSL cable arrives today so that I can put the new Sky router in an optimal position. Secondly, it looks like I won't be able to use the landline with the alternative setup, as there is no phone socket on the ASUS router. Or can I buy some sort of adapter so I can just plug my landline into one of the LAN ports? (My wife wants the landline so just ditching landline is not an option.)

      Anyway, it's working now, and I'm paying no more than before (a bit less, I think, as I took the opportunity and rang up Sky and got them remove the useless Broadband Boost add-on.)

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      Re: My experience with Ultrafast upgrade

      Always useful to see someone else’s experience. Thinking of going Ultrafast myself in 2021.

      1. Maybe the Openreach system update didn’t take effect until overnight following the engineer work? This sometimes used to happen on Superfast when going from 40/10 to 80/20, so you didn’t get speedtest results showing “full power” until the day after it all happened.
      2. Just to add that Sky Ultrafast can be delivered either by FTTP or by FTTC G.Fast (still over copper wire from the street cabinet to the home).
      3. Ideal for those of us who have given up on landlines for voice calls!
      4. Unsure. Used to be enthusiastic about using 3rd party kit but lost the will to do so somewhere along the way. If you give it a go, please return here & post the results of your further adventures!
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