What is Ultra Fibre Optic? - Sky Community
Ultra Fibre Optic* is a brand new ultrafast fibre broadband network currently being built by Sky as part of a Joint Venture with TalkTalk and CityFibre. At 1000Mb speeds, its one hundred times faster than standard broadband**, and its landing in York soon.

Whats happening in York?

At the end of May, well begin the next phase of construction, building a state-of-the-art Fibre-to-the-Home network to thousands of homes. The work will be undertaken by our partner, McNicholas and will involve some work on pavements and roads to lay the fibre. If these works affect you well let you know via letter around 2 weeks before work starts on your street and reminded again 48 hours before construction begins.

As construction work is currently underway and the first customers will not be able to connect until later in the year.

What makes Ultra Fibre Optic different?

It brings fibre all the way to a your home. Fibre optic cable is made from thin strands of glass and your data is carried by light.

Its much faster than other networks and speeds are not affected by distance from the telephone exchange or street cabinet. This gives you greater stability and reliability.
Its 100 times faster than standard broadband.** That means downloading

  • an HD movie in less than 30 seconds
  • 100 hi res photos in less than 5 seconds
  • an album in less than a second
  • More people can do more online together without the connection slowing down. Ideal for the modern connected home

Want to find out more?

Go to www.ultrafibreoptic.co.uk and enter your details, register your interest with Sky and well keep you informed on the rollout.

If a youd like to talk to someone about the building work happening in your street, please give the construction partner McNicholas a call on 0845 0400 021.

* The UltraFibreOptic brand refers to the network that is being built by a Joint Venture between Sky, TalkTalk and CityFibre. Customers will only be able to purchase UFO services from Sky or TalkTalk. Details of Skys retail packages will be released closer to the launch date of the product.

**Access line speed for service in York will be 1 Gb (1000Mb) and max average throughput speed is estimated at 950Mb which is 100 times faster than the average max speed of std dsl broadband of 9.1Mb (Ofcom speeds report Feb 15)